*********** 7 April 2015 ***********

Work for the 2015 Hobbiefair has started

*********** 7 NOVEMBER 2014 ***********

Then this weekend's viewing over , but due to lack of resources was unfortunately only RW shown .

It was nevertheless a very successful tour, with high pressure all day and RW would represent the entire tågsimhobbyn this time .

A great interest in hobbies are combined .
For more info , look in the thread on Sv. 3D-tåg

*********** 18 SEPTEMBER 2014 ***********

Banbyggarna shows the Trainsimulation hobby on the Modelrailroad Exhibition 1-2 November.

Weekend November 1 to 2 , it´s MJHOBBYMÄSSAN Fairs and there will Banbyggarna exhibit 
the Trainsimulation hobby , show the audience what the craze is all about , 
what you can do and how it works. 
We show craze seen from the various simulator preform and we intend to have
separate computers showing respective Trainz , Open Rails and dovetails Simulator.
      The focus of the presentation is supposed to be more on the creation of the different things 
we do in the simulators, and secondly on the run.    
Perhaps it might even be an occasion where we meet practitioners ?    
Link to the exhibition site here :


*********** 8 SEPTEMBER 2014 ***********

A little prior information ... Banbyggarna is scheming so book up the weekend 1-2 November in Stockholm! We will return by the end of next week with more information!

*********** 4 SEPTEMBER 2014 ***********

Banbyggarnas activity

We clarify a bit gaudy now about what we are and what we can do. We profile ourselves more as a Nordic page where internationally material is welcome. Against this background, we shape for our website so it more accurately reflects our business.

Material on Banbyggarna

In the fall, we will try to put up a lot of material, where we, among other things target our objects and vehicles for Nordic routes in RW that might have an international origin. This is to facilitate both for route builders as well as those who download a route and will bring home all the route based.

Of course, we welcome material to the other simulators as well, even though right now we addressed a small concern in RW.

Train Simulator Day

Without promise something we will investigate the possibility of arranging an annual Train Simulator Day. Trainsim hobbie are so mature now as we believe there is both a need and an interest for it. It will be so, an opportunity to meet your fellow forum live, share experiences and perhaps learn more, while the hobby can get new practitioners.


We create and build on, but one can easily become blind. If you have an opinion on the website, , ourselves or content it would be really nice if you post it in our thread on Svenska 3D-tåg!



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