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Here you find freeware add-ons for train simulators of different brands. If you are a creator of freeware add-ons you are welcome to upload your creations here.

Of obious reasons there is most Swedish things here, but we welcome add-ons of any nationality.

You can put questions and comments at "Svenska 3D-tåg" which we cooperate with. You have a direct link to our thread HERE or to the forum entreance HERE.


29 October 2018

Site updated!

Feel welcome to leave your Ts-material here.

Date Simulator Description Category Uploader
22.10.2018 TS20X Da, Dm etc. Loco newS
10.07.2017 MSTS/OR VBSR 8 v1.1 Rutter JKriste
23.04.2016 MSTS/OR Bombardier Itino Y31 Railcars Granders
17.11.2015 Ts2015 Freight platform updated to v2 Objekt Mazz
08.11.2015 Ts2015 Slope Sign, Freight platform etc. Object Mazz
18.10.2015 Ts2015 Rural Homes Object Mazz
06.06.2015 MSTS/OR KMJ4 Open Rails Edition Routes Totte
22.02.2015 Ts2015 Sgnss Woodchipwaggons 1.2 Freightwaggons SweTrac
15.02.2015 MSTS Hilding Carlsson Railcar Railcars & Narrowgauge KMW
25.12.2014 MSTS Steamtrains Updates Loco MMW
24.12.2014 MSTS Steamtrains Loco Grönoset

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